Sponsor a Checkpoint!

Here’s your chance to send Nathan a little TLC to a checkpoint of your choice!

 If we initiate the sponsorship plans we will let you know! We appreciate all the support from the fans!

What will you be helping to provide? Well, here’s a list of what Nathan typically packs in his drop bags:

For the dogs:

  • meat & dry food
  • vet wraps
  • booties (enough for 16 dogs x 4 paws – that’s a lot of booties!)
  • dog jackets
  • medications
  • foot slave

For the musher:

  • food
  • snacks
  • gloves & liners (3  pairs each)
  • long johns
  • wool socks
  • boots & liners
  • handwarmers
  • lithium batteries


* Gunflint Mail Run

*Klondike Dog Derby

* Beargrease

* UP 200