Online Auction Now Live!

12644808_448500018681091_6623376869839152588_nWhile Nathan is heading down the Beargrease Trail, the behind the scene team’s focus shifts to Alaska and the Iditarod!

The online auction has opened! Want to take a ride with Nathan? Looking for a special and unique gift for yourself or someone else? Check out the auction offerings and bid, bid, bid!

How awesome would it be for us to greet Nathan as he finishes the Beargrease with the news that all of the auction items have been bid on? You can help us make that happen!

We are also still looking for some dog and checkpoint sponsors!  It adds so much to your Iditarod watching experience to know that Nathan has “your” dog on his team or is getting ready to pull into “your” checkpoint!  Sponsor a checkpoint here! Sponsor a dog here!

Let’s all pull together and help Nathan and the team hit the Iditarod Trail!

Dogs, Checkpoints, or Race Miles?

Which do you think is the most important part of the Iditarod?

Now’s your chance to show the team some love and support!

Sponsorships are OPEN!  Sponsors a dog! Provide drop bags for a checkpoint! Encourage the team as they head down the trail mile by mile!

You choose! Help the team get to Nome!

Details are here: